Happy African American parent playing and drawing with daughters in home

EC Holdings is a Leader in Citizenship & Residency Solutions

Happy African American parent playing and drawing with daughters in home

EC Holdings facilitates the acquisition of citizenship and residence through a selection of the best programs available. With clients from over 100 countries around the world and our highly selected program options, we understand your expectations and we have the best solution for your needs.

Our Citizenship Solutions

Antigua & Barbuda​

Antigua & Barbuda​

Min. Contribution: USD 100,000
Time: 3-4 months

Enjoy mobility, security, tax benefits, investments, and access to stunning beauty globally.

mountains and beach at Saint Kitts & Nevis ec holdings

St. Kitts & Nevis​

Min. Contribution: USD 195,000
Time: 4-6 months

Visa-free travel, robust investments, tax breaks, serene beaches.

saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program

St. Lucia​

Min. Contribution: USD 100,000
Time: 4-6 months

Lucian passport unlocks global doors, diverse investments, tax savings, and pristine island beauty.

Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program​​ ec holdings


Min. Contribution: USD 130,000
Time: 2 months

Swift passport process, economic opportunities, tax reliefs, and untouched Pacific splendor.

Grow Your Personal and Professional Opportunities​

EC Holding focuses on the world’s most attractive citizenship solutions taking into account quality of life, mobility, taxation, privacy and security.

Our Residency Solutions

Bahamas Residency


Time: 1-2 months

Latvia Residency


Time: 1-2 months

monaco city by night ec holdings Monaco Residency


Time: 3-6 months

Paraguay Residency by Investment Program home ec holdings


Time: 2-3 months

Portugal Residency


Time: 6 months



Time: 1 months

Access Freedom of Mobility

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Only a few countries offer citizenship solutions with an in-depth, multi-step due diligence process. We have selected them to offer you the best solutions.

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