Residency by Investment Program

About Portugal

Mediterranean Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe, its territory having been continuously settled, invaded and fought over sinceprehistoric times. As a country was established during the Christian Reconquista in 868.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, Portugal established the first global maritime and commercial empire, becoming one of the world’s major economic, political and military powers.

Portugal has left a profound cultural, architectural and linguistic influence across the globe, with a legacy of around 250 million Portuguese speakers, It is a developed country with an advanced economy and high living standards. Additionally, it ranks highly in peacefulness, democracy, press freedom, stability, social progress, prosperity and English proficiency.

It is a member of the United Nations, the European Union, the Schengen Area and the Council of Europe(CoE), Portugal was also one of the founding members of NATO, the eurozone, the OECD, and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries.

Government Authority
Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service SEF


Foreigners can be admitted to the country as temporary residents. After 5 years they have the options to apply for either permanent residence or citizenship. The following options are available for investors:

Real estate

for minimum
EUR 350’000

Listed Fund

for minimum
EUR 500’000

Cash deposit

for minimum
EUR 1’500’000

Program Features

Processing time 6-8 months

Temporary residents must spend 7 days per year in Portugal

Newly issued marriage and (of children) birth certificates are required; certificates of criminal or police record from the country of origin and residence

Documents must be apostilled (if the issuing country is a signatory of the Hague Convention) or, if not, attested by a Portuguese consulate abroad

First step in the process: Bank account opening in a Portuguese bank


Free travel access to all EU and Schengen countries

Unlimited stay in Portugal possible

Only 7 days minimum physical presence required

Eligibility for Portuguese (EU) citizenship after 5 years

Key facts

Capital City



Euro (EUR)

Time Zone

UTC +1

UTC -1 / Summer (DST)


Portuguese, Mirandese




92,212 km2


Kevin Hosam
Founder and Chairman

A local citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, Kevin Hosam has been a CBI practitioner for 7 years. In 2015 he founded Exclusive Concierge (Antigua Barbuda), the predecessor of EC Holdings, and became a licensed agent and an authorized representative of the citizenship by investment unit in Antigua & Barbuda. He is also a licensed marketing agent in neighboring St. Kitts and Nevis and in St. Lucia. He brings a vast amount of experience in the Caribbean real estate market, having successfully developed several real estate projects. He is an active entrepreneur providing transportation tours to tourist in Antigua and an avid collector and seller of visual art works from Asia. Kevin graduated George Brown College in Toronto, Canada, and now resides in Antigua.